Supercharge Stats for Dials

How to Fill Out Your Dials:

DIRECTIONS: Enter the numbers for each dial. Remember to SAVE; button on top right. You can backfill and edit the numbers after saving.

GOALS: Goals are entered 3 times a year: March, July, and November. To duplicate, use arrow on right side of field to drag down to next month.

ACTUALS: If you are new, please add at least 3 months. You can backfill using the year tabs. Thank you for participating in the Supercharge Session Dials.

SEE MY DIALS: Click the little color graph at the top right of this page.


1. Staff - (ALL STAFF)

2. Free Days Number of days inside the month that you are Not working at the salon, not counting weekends

3. Guest Count How many guests do you have that come into your salon

4. Retail $  Total Retail Sales - How much money in retail sales did you make?

5. Service $ Total Service Sales - How much money in service sales did you make?

6. Profit %