**Journey Within [Digital] Destination Training**
March 2021

Attract. Keep. Deliver. Grow

Welcome to The High Performance Salon Academy Destination Training!

Here's what to do next.....

  • Block out March 6th-9th, 2021 on your Calendar right now
  • Get ready to take your Salon to a whole new level of profit and simplicity!
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Where is it?

We are going Digital!

That's Right! We are coming to YOU! We'll be in hundreds of cities all in one day! The COOLEST part is we'll be in YOUR CITY on your PERSONAL screen!

What is the Schedule?

*Please Note* All Times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) so please convert to your time zone.

Saturday, March 6th - All Attendees

8pm EST - Cocktail Reception - WHOLE SALON TEAM WELCOME

Sunday, March 7th - All Attendees

9:30am EST - Registration

10am EST - Program Starts


1pm EST - Approximate Lunch Time

*Please have your meals prepared ahead of time or scheduled to be delivered around this time

5pm EST Approximate - Finish (Dinner Break)

6pm EST - Special Event

Monday, March 8th - All Attendees

10am EST - Program Starts

1pm EST - Approximate Lunch Time

*Please have your meals prepared ahead of time or scheduled to be delivered around this time

5pm EST Approximate - Finish (Dinner Break)

6pm EST - Dinner - 1+ Year Members - Owner Only Dinner

Tuesday, March 9th - 1+ Year Members (Owners/Shareholders Only)

10am EST - Program Starts

*Please Bring Snacks - We will not be taking a lunch break.

2pm EST - Finish


If you plan on traveling/staying with your team, there are a few things to consider:

  • Everyone needs to be on their OWN DEVICE and in their OWN SPACE.
    - #1 Device to use is a COMPUTER - it will be the best experience for everyone
    -  If you don't have access to a computer, a Tablet/Ipad is next best
    -  If you absolutely don't have anything else, you can use a phone, however, it will drastically alter your experience.
  • The Internet needs to be stable/fast enough to handle multiple wireless devices
  • Everyone should have their own set of Headphones
  • No Distractions around You

How Many Team Members Can I Bring to THE WHOLE EVENT?

Your Membership comes with 3 tickets included (Including You).  Any additional team members over 3 tickets is an additional $250/person.  (Normally $500!)

Things to consider when selecting team members to bring:

  • Someone on track to becoming a Shareholder/Owner of the salon
  • Leader/Manager of the salon
  • Someone who you are comfortable sharing detailed information about the salon with

Inviting Your WHOLE Team to the Training

Exciting News! We are now inviting YOUR WHOLE TEAM to PARTS of the training, so they can get a taste of HPSA and see what we are all about.

What are they invited to?

  1. Saturday Night Cocktail Reception [8pm EST]
  2. Sunday Morning - First two Sessions [10am EST - 12:30pm EST]

A separate registration will go out for them to register!

I Have a Salon Owner I would like to Invite as my Guest.

If you know of any other Salon Owners who would be a great addition to the Academy and you would like to invite them as a guest, we are currently allowing 10 guests.

Currently many of those spots are spoken for, but please message us at with the Name, Email and Phone number of the person you would like to invite.

What should I bring?

Workbooks, pens and everything you need will be provided.

You will want to have these things handy for now:

  • Headphones
  • Computer or Ipad
  • Charger for Computer or Ipad
  • Snacks/Water

Please also be ready with these numbers from the last Four Months (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb)

  • 1. Service Sales
  • 2. Retail Sales
  • 3. RTS%
  • 4. PreBook %
  • 5. Average Ticket
  • 6. # of Service providers

My question wasn't answered.  Can you help me?

Of course! Kaitlin's your girl.  Hit her up with an email to,  or call/text her at 916-258-5852